What People are Saying

"Hampton Financial has been paying my bills for me for over 10 years.  It is so convenient I can't imagine doing without their service.  I can, and do, leave town for weeks and months at a time and I am secure in the knowledge that Hampton is taking care of my business."

-Andrea R. of  Reno, NV

"I never thought I would see the day when I turned my money over to someone else.  But once I did I couldn't believe the sense of relief it brought to me.  The burden lifted off my shoulders was incredible.  My wife and I never even have to discuss finances anymore because we know Hampton Financial is taking care of it all for us.  No more stress, no more worries."

-Grant and Linda H. of  Seattle, WA

"I don't like writing checks.  It is troublesome getting money orders all the time.  Now Hampton Financial pays all my bills for me and sends me a ledger showing me all the payments they made.  It is a good system and makes my life easier.  I highly recommend Hampton Financial and Barbara and Stephanie Proctor."

-Gary G. of  Placerville, CA

"When my father had to be put in a retirement home I was sent to Hampton Financial for help in putting his financial obligations in order.  His social security check was directly deposited into their trust account and they paid his bills for him out of that account. During this time of stress it was a tremendous relief for me and my family to have them do this for us.  I regard them highly and appreciate all the help, advice, and encouragement they have given me over the past several months."

-George T. of  Tucson, AZ

"When I opened my own small business I was overwhelmed with all the details of such a venture.  It was only with the help and organizational skills of Hampton Financial that I was able to keep my head above water and keep my finances in good order.  They not only organized and paid my personal expenses, but also paid my business expenses and wrote my payroll checks.  They saved my sanity. Thank you Stephanie and Barbara."

-Julie E. of  Citrus Heights, CA

"I couldn't get a checking account because of several bounced checks and other bad debt.  When I went to Hampton Financial they were able to show me how to change my spending habits and patterns, learn to budget, helped me start saving money, and helped me start re-establishing my credit.  With their help I am well on the road to financial recovery and looking forward to the day when I can qualify for a house."

-Brenda O. of  Grand Forks, ND

"I didn't think there was a life after bankruptcy until I went to see Barbara and Stephanie at Hampton Financial.  Through their kind and gracious counsel my wife and I learned how to budget, change our spending habits and re-establish our credit.  Without their help I am sure we would still have the same bad habits that got us into trouble in the first place. Hampton Financial was a tremendous help to us."

-John and Tammy W. of  Folsom, CA

".....Before coming to Hampton Financial I was constantly late with my payments or missed them entirely!  Barbara and Stephanie Proctor at Dollar 'N Sense took over the tedious chore of paying my bills and now I never have to even think about it.  They do it all for me and they do a wonderful, professional job."

-Jason S. of  Stockton, CA

"My credit report was a disaster because of missed and late payments.  I came to Hampton Financial and they cleaned up my credit report and have always made sure all my bills are paid on time."

-Colleen J. of  San Jose, CA

"I have always been so busy with my job and family that I never managed to find the time to get my bills paid on time.  I started racking up bad credit and lots of late and over the limit fees.  When I came to Hampton Financial they took on the responsibility of paying my bills on time and now I never have to worry about it.  Best of all, I have saved lots of money by not having to pay late fees."

-Mary S. of  Sacramento, CA

"My husband and I did nothing but fight over who was to pay which bill.  We heard about Hampton Financial's Dollars 'N Sense Money Management through a friend and came to them for help.  Barbara and Stephanie Proctor helped us develop a payment plan and now my husband and I don't even have to TALK about money anymore."

-Lauri H. of  Placerville, CA

"I was overwhelmed with bills, work, family, and other obligations.  Paying bills always seemed to be the last thing I got to, and then it was too late.  Once I turned that time consuming chore over to Hampton Financial my life was easier and I had more free time to do things I wanted to do."

-James A. of  Pollock Pines, CA

"I am a frequent traveler and had a difficult time keeping track of my bills, when they were due and where to send them.  Things were late, lost, and ending up on my credit report.  The professionals at Hampton Financial were able to straighten everything out, get me on a schedule and now I can travel anywhere, anytime and not have to worry about what is waiting in my mail box for me."

-Barry and Theresa L. of  Atlanta, GA

"My job requires me to travel around the world on a regular basis.  It became increasingly difficult for me to keep track of my financial obligations in a timely and organized manner.  Hampton Financial has done an excellent job in taking care of this chore for me and I am very grateful for their continuous, professional service."

-Jerry C. of  San Francisco, CA

"While my mother is still active and living in her own home, she was becoming unable to take care of her finances.  I and my family are all too busy or live too far away to take care of them for her.  Hampton Financial was able to take over her financial obligations through their bill paying service and now neither I or my family have to worry about Mom's bills being late."

-Lily M. of  Cameron Park, CA

"The staff at Hampton Financial are so much more than just busy professionals.  They not only take over the time consuming nuisance of paying your bills for you but they care about you and listen to your hopes and dreams and problems.  They are very compassionate people and a joy to work with."

-Patricia B. of  El Dorado Hills, CA

"...I thought I made good money but I never seemed to be able to pay my bills.  I went to Hampton Financial and they showed me how to budget my money.  Now they pay my bills for me and all I have to do is enjoy my life."

-Craig H. of  Placerville, CA

"...When I got my divorce I was really a mess and didn't know how to live my life and make ends meet.  I went to Hampton Financial for advise and they helped me understand my financial situation and how best to budget and preserve my credit history  That was several years ago and now that I am remarried and have moved out of state, they still act as my bill paying service.  They make my life so much easier, I don't know what I would do with out them."

-Kay N. of  Powell, WY

"I originally went to Hampton Financial just to get my credit report.  They helped me read and understand it and were very helpful in giving me advice on how to dispute items that were incorrect.  When I realized what a difficult and time consuming job it was going to be I asked them to do it for me.  They not only cleaned up my credit report, they helped me save for a car, a house, and now, a family.  They can really help anybody."

-Sally L. of  S.Lake Tahoe, CA

"When I first came to Hampton Financial they helped me pay off all my credit cards, student loans, and car loans.  Now I am debt free and they are helping me save money for my dream vacation."

-Breanna K. of  Davis, CA

"I am busy, I don't like to pay bills, I would rather be doing fun and entertaining things with my life.  Hampton Financial has taken over all my finances, I don't have to bother with them and this makes me happy."

-Aaron F. of  Placerville, CA

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