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Bill Pay Service

Turn your bill paying chores over to us!!

  1. We know the hassles that come along with paying a bill:
  2. Throwing out the advertisements
  3. Finding the due date and the amount to be paid
  4. Putting the account number on the check
  5. Finding a stamp
  6. Getting it to the post office on time
  • It doesn't end there.  Now you have to keep your check book balanced.  Then you will have to reconcile your statement at the end of each month, just to start the cycle all over again!
  • Meanwhile, you are losing valuable time away from your family, your home and your life.




    This is what Hampton Financial will do for you.


    • Your bills will come to our office:
      1. We will open them, throwing away the unwanted advertisements
      2. The bill will be processed and paid in a timely manner according to its due date
      3. At the end of each month you will receive a ledger showing all payments made on your behalf
      4. Costly fee(s) that can accrue will be eliminated
      5. As a result, your credit rating will remain unharmed
      6. And in the event of a dispute, Hampton Financial can mediate on your behalf

    • Imagine your life with more free time.  No check writing hassles, no missed payments and the ultimate peace of mind in knowing that no matter where you are or what you are doing, your bills are being paid.  WE DO IT ALL!

    • Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the good things in life



    Household Budget Analysis and Planning


    • Where does all the money go? If you earn a good income or hardly any income, but can't figure out where it all goes by the end of the month you need a thorough evaluation of your finances.

    • Hampton Financial can determine where your money is going and make recommendations on how to develop and implement a new spending and savings plan.

    • This plan along with the bill paying service is a valuable way to learn how to develop a new perspective on your spending habits and patterns. Again, when the stress factor is removed, it is much easier to see what you need to do to make plans for your present and future life.



    Senior Money Management Services


      At Hampton Financial we are totally committed to the concept of providing supportive services for the elderly.

    • When the client is able to take advantage of this informal fiduciary service it can help eliminate stress and worry over finances, give them peace of mind, and encourage them to maintain and develop their full potential for independent living.

    • We offer financial assistance needed by the senior who wishes to remain independent and fiscally responsible.

    • With Hampton Financial paying the financial obligations for the senior, they can spend their time pursuing other activities with family and friends, while enjoying the dignity they deserve.

    • No need to ask already busy friends and relative to take on the responsibility....have Hampton Financial do it.


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